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As they say, the early bird catches the worm. We believe it. Kick-start your day with an energizing flow that seamlessly integrates vinyasa yoga and inspiring music in a refreshing 60-minute session. We’ll get your engines running with invigorating breathing practices that boost vitality by increasing oxygen and blood flow. As your energy builds, we’ll lead you through a perfectly paced sequence that increases mobility and flexibility, while toning and building strength—so you’ll leave class ready to kick some (virtual) ass. From Sun Salutations to Functional Range Conditioning, your mind and body will be primed and ready for peak performance throughout the day!

slow groove {yoga}


Awaken the body, clear the mind, and enjoy a sweet, soulful vibe for the rest of the day. Slowing down the flow is a great way to cultivate mindful breathing and self awareness—while intensifying your practice! By linking full, unhurried breath with slow, steady movements, and holding postures for a few breaths, we’re challenged to play with our edge while exploring detais at a comfortable pace. Your body will have the opportunity to deepen into stretches and pause in each pose, building strength and balance. After taking it down a notch for some cooling seated and horizontal postures, you'll marinate in the juicy benefits of your practice.

Unplug'd {yoga}

NOON SESH | 50 min

Midday slump happens. Literally. Unplug’d is the antidote! Sitting at your desk too long? Typing away at the coffee shop? That’s when stress sneaks into the neck, shoulders, and upper back, posture rounds, and breath becomes shallow—often leaving you exhausted by 3pm. Join US for a rejuvenating lunch-hour sesh that realigns the spine, opens cramped hips, and mobilizes stiff joints. Carefully chosen poses will nourish your musculoskeletal body and increase blood flow to restore “chi”—life force energy. And, since healthy breathing is key for maintaining balanced energy, we’ll incorporate breathwork to restore concentration and kick stress to the curb. You’ll head back to work inspired and in the zone. Employee of the month anyone?

urban warriors {yoga}

strong FLOW | 60 MIN

Plugged in much? Join US as we sweat out the toxins, digital or otherwise, in our Urban Warriors class. At once vigorous and cathartic, you’ll groove to an uplifting, experiential landscape of of vinyasa flow yoga set to DJ-quality playlists. We’ll begin with balancing breathwork to calm your nerves and reboot energy. Soon after, you’ll find yourself flowing from pose to pose in seamless sequences as your mind synchronizes effortlessly with the rhythm of breath, the rhythm of movement, and the rhythm of music. When it’s time to wind down, we’ll melt into deep seated stretches and cooling postures, and of course, a sweet final relaxation that ensures every beautiful benefit sinks in—mind, body and soul. Ahhhh...

Evening Chill {yoga}


You’ve been movin’ and groovin’ all day. This is your time to chill, come back to your breath, slow down the frenetic pace of urban living, tune into what you need most—then relax deeply with a yummy restorative finish. To start, after some centering and gentle movement, we’ll flow breath by breath to a beautiful soundtrack while reconnecting our personal and collective energies. After our flow, we’ll begin to take the energy back down, easing into postures that simultaneously recharge and relax us, with grounding stretches that prepare the body and mind for letting go completely. You’ll surrender in passive restorative postures, supported by blankets, blocks and bolsters, to create a sense of space and opening, effortlessly. Then you’ll float home, unencumbered by the events of the day. Sounds amazing, right?!

urban oasis {restorative yoga}


Unlike an active practice, which moves you from pose to pose building heat, strength and flexibility in equal measure—restorative yoga invites you to slow down and BE. You’ll release deeply held tension by “steeping” in passive, supported poses that soothe the nervous system, relax muscles on a cellular level, deepen self awareness, and encourage mindfulness. Amidst a mellow soundscape and after some gentle movement, we’ll use bolsters, blankets and blocks to prop the body in a variety of poses (while the teacher tiptoes around making sure you’re just right). Physical stress dissolves and the mind moves into stillness as you disconnect from frenetic daily life—and reconnect with your best self. By the end of the session, you’ll feel exactly as you should—luxuriously open and undeniably chill. (You may even glow.)

weekend wine down {yoga + vino}

flow + restore | 60 MIN

After a long week, what could be better than a deliciously relaxing yoga sesh followed by a tasty glass of vino? It’s the perfect pairing. To start, we'll get centered and release frenetic energy with gentle movement set to a soundscape of relaxing vibes. Then we’ll take it down a notch more, winding down with some grounding seated postures. Finally, we’ll melt layers of deeply held tension, supported by bolsters, blankets, and blocks, in restorative postures that bring bliss to our urban souls! Before floating home (or wherever your weekend plans take you), you're invited to hang for a bit... Mix and mingle with the tribe, enjoying a glass of wine on the house. Here's to your health and happiness!

Yin-Scape {yoga}


Why Yin? The short answer: It's deep! The long: Yin Yoga targets the mind-body connection just like other styles of yoga, yet with prolonged holding, we're invited to go even deeper—to not only stretch our muscles, but to move directly into the connective tissues that hold everything in place. Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic (Yang) styles of yoga that emphasize lengthening and contracting our muscles. And while Yin Yoga works on all levels, it pays particular attention to the fascia and ligaments of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Don’t be fooled by the slower pace and stillness between poses—a yin practice can be quite challenging due to the longer duration of holding. You may experience mind chatter and restlessness (even inner expletives), but with practice, you’ll feel just how therapeutic (and delicious!) Yin Yoga can be. You may even crave it, as so many Urban Souls do.

urban drift {yin + yoga nidra}

go deep + relax | 60 MIN

This amazing combo of Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra may become your next healthy addiction. We start with Yin, which engages prolonged holding to stretch muscle and moves directly into connective tissue enhancing range of movement. Yin Yoga pays extra attention to the fascia and ligaments of the hips, pelvis, and low back. It has a still, grounding nature but don't let it fool you—extended holding cn make Yin challenging. Yet with practice, you’ll feel just how therapeutic it is. Especially when followed by Yoga Nidra... we’ll settle into a prone position and drift away for final relaxation in the form of Yoga Nidra—defined as the state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. You’ll go on a guided meditation that systematically relaxes every part of the body, as your teacher uses verbal cues and inspiring visuals. You’ll become increasingly aware of your inner world while becoming blissfully relaxed. Bring it on!



Need 30 minutes of centering before heading out to seize the day?Perhaps Rise & Prime class put you in the frame of mind to dive more deeply into your personal practice. Our inspiring breathwork and meditation session will take you on a beautiful exploration of the mind-body connection, while setting you on a more mindful path as you navigate the day’s many moments. Come as you are—in work clothes or comfies—and enjoy balancing breathwork, progressive body scans, silent mantra meditation, and guided mindfulness journeys, all designed to prime you for seizing your day with clarity and flow.



Whether you join US for a mid-morning drop-in, or stay after the flow class scheduled beforehand, you’ll get your mellow groove on and keep it going with a breathwork and meditation session designed to calm the body, bring mindful curiosity and openness to the present moment, and set you on a steady course as you navigate the rest of the day. Come as you are—in street clothes or comfies—and enjoy balancing breathwork, progressive body scans, silent mantra meditation, and guided mindfulness journeys that expand your sense of awareness for smooth sailing ahead.

Unplug'd 3.0 {meditation}

Midday break | 30 min

Join US in your business casual, a 3-piece suit, or jeans and a tee. (Anything but your birthday suit will do.) This totally chill midday practice is designed to take you on a sweet 30-minute journey that explores rhythmic breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and guided meditation, which will transport you out of “fight or flight” syndrome, so you can move forward with razor-sharp focus—in a state of flow. You’ll enjoy gentle spine openers that rejuvenate the mind and body, then float away feeling at once relaxed and focused—delighting in a sense of spaciousness that inspires creativity and connection.

YOGA 360 {alt movement}

Mobilize + stabilize | 60 MIN

Optimize mind-body connectivity by awakening the neuromuscular system! YOGA 360 is like exercise therapy and helps improve physical endeavors as you hone in on what your body needs most. This fun and challenging session explores new ways to move with freedom by combining yoga, movement arts, and science-based training principles. It’s an invaluable practice that aims to train, strengthen, and nourish connective tissue through specific mobility protocols—all while rebalancing the nervous system and encouraging communication throughout the mind-body. It’s a true joint venture (pun intended) that develops a wider range of motion (ROM) in targeted areas, so as you free up space, you’ll feel ready for peak performance—structurally sound, more flexible, and undeniably more connected.

{alt movement}


We love the African proverb, "It takes a village..." So come on over, roll out a mat, and Kick-It OM with the US! You'll have fun diving into this unique mindfulness practice that will help you to achieve balance in motion! Kick-It OM is a super-cool combination class that combines high-intensity exercise with measured, gentle movements. It's a unique, balancing blend of calisthenics, kickboxing, and yoga that works wonders to tone, strengthen, and promote flexibility, from head to toe! It’s cardio. It’s conditioning. It’s an upbeat, multifaceted session that will leave you feeling both empowered and in touch with your inner peaceful warrior. In short, it’s a win-win. Are you in?

the roll model® {restorative}


This beautifully rejuvenating combination of The Roll Model® Method and Restorative Yoga is truly the best of both worlds! In the first portion of class, you’ll release deeply held tension while enjoying a guided self massage using The Roll Model® Method Therapy Balls. This unique practice effectively “rolls out” and releases tight muscles, while stimulating blood flow to oxygenate muscles and fascia (connective tissues). It’s perfect for prepping the body to segue into the balance of our session—passive, fully supported restoratives! We’ll use bolsters, blankets and blocks to prop the body in a variety of delicious poses that work to dissolve physical and mental stressors as the mind moves into stillness... By the end of the session, you’ll emerge with a yoga buzz, feeling energized and rejuvenated—body, mind and soul!

MELT® METHOD {alt movement}


If you’re new to MELT® Method, you’re in for a treat. This gently active, restorative technique helps relieve aches, pain and stiffness—while bringing the body back to balance. Ideal for athletes and anyone that wants to maintain an active (pain free) lifestyle, our Melt Performance class mixes MELT recovery with MELT neurostrength to reintegrate stability in our joints and repattern optimal sensorimotor control; resulting in a more mobile, stable, flexible body to enhance competitive edge, help erase compensatory patterns, reduce the risk of injury, and help improve body-wide connectivity. We’ll use special MELT balls, bands and soft memory foam rollers to release deeply held tension, reduce joint compression, rehydrate fascia, and rebalance the nervous system. It feels amazing, and you’ll feel results after the first session!
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Your transformation awaits!

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