our space is your space, and we can't wait to connect with you!

Urban Souls was born of the desire to provide a supportive, inclusive space where our great community of busy urban dwellers can connect on a deeper, more meaningful level—where we can connect not only to our best selves, but to one another and the beautiful world around us!

We’re hardwired to connect, but challenged to stay energized in a city that moves at warp speed—to find balance amidst the chaos. The need for healthy connectivity is a priority as technology pervades our lives. Just the word, connection, conjures thoughts of Wifi, smartphones, and charging stations—not to mention endless scrolling, group chats, and twitter rants. Yet with so many ways to connect globally in an instant, we often feel disconnected.

Reconnect with US. Leave the stories, stress, and shoes at the door—and spend a little time. Come by for a 30-minute mind reset (even in your work clothes!), an energizing or restorative yoga flow, a fun alternative movement class, a fully immersive sound bath, and more!
At Urban Souls, seekers of all kinds can get reacquainted with how amazing healthy connection feels. It’s a place for exploration, where a truly unique variety of classes and workshops are mindfully crafted to cultivate wellness—deep connection to mind, body, and spirit. We look forward to connecting you!


Peace & love,


Karen Flannery & Brendan Gibbons

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we look forward to meeting you on the mat, where your wellness journey can unfold… on your time, at your pace.